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hyperl-bg-1920-watermark →  January 26, 2012

The fitness community surrounding "paleo" doesn't work for me. I don't mean it doesn't physically work, I mean that I don't find it satisfying in the context of pursuing a life less agrarian. I quit searching for the perfect thing a while ago. I couldn't bury the compulsion any longer, and I started building stuff.

jefferson →  February 16, 2011

Every time I hear someone say “if you don’t like it, leave”, I half expect someone to artfully discharge saliva and tobacco (tobaccy?) at a spittoon so close to me that I nearly spill my sarsaparilla. I grant no credit to those offering the line as a coherent argument, as it seems most often to […]

blueprint-02bw →  February 7, 2011

Note: this contains a review, click here if you’re looking for the official site of The Hollywood Physique. Applied Evolutionary Psychology: Male Attractiveness Over the course of running a few blogs, I’ve met some of the most interesting and fun people I know. When I started evolvify, I reached out to them for ideas for […]

your-girlfriend-on-the-beach →  November 25, 2010

(and Why She’ll Never Admit It) *Note: This post is a carryover from an old blog. It’s the post that played a large part in the impetus for this site, but looking back now, parts of the theory and explanation kinda make me cringe. I’ve included it in its unedited original version because it still […]

sled-dogs →  October 28, 2010

I may be defective. Not in the woe is me kind of way… more like “The Land of Misfit Toys”. When I was a kid and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I didn’t understand the question. If the cultural milieu was conspiring to mold me into some automaton who would […]