Michael Ruse, philosopher of science, recounts the history of Darwinism by explaining the theories of evolution and natural selection.

Ruse discusses the validity of those theories today, 200 years after Darwin’s birthday.

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  • About Charles Darwin
  • Losing Christian Faith Aboard HMS Beagle
  • As a Deist, Studying Finches, Natural Selection
  • Natural Selection, Reading Paley
  • Thomas Malthus’ Ideas / Becoming an Evolutionist Darwinian
  • Producing ‘The Origin of the Species’
  • Content of the Theory Offered in ‘Origin’
  • Convincing of Evolution Through Natural Selection
  • Geographical Distribution- Turtles of Galapagos
  • Darwin Provides a New Paradigm?
  • Public Rejects Selectionist Theory / Huxley
  • Evolution, Mendel’s Genetics, DNA – Neo-Darwinism
  • Modern Theory
  • Homology Between Humans and Fruit Flies
  • Darwinism Not Dead at All
  • Q&A
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    You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sairhng.

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