Epic Modern Hunter-Gatherer Adventure




I’m proud (and haggard from putting it together) to announce the launch my next 77Zero expedition. In just about two months, I’ll be embarking on a human powered expedition from the Washington State to the Arctic Ocean, through Canada and Alaska, then back to Seattle. Part of the expedition is a documentary project, and I could really use your help getting it funded, and getting the word spread like coconut oil to the ends of Twitter and Facebook. Luckily for all of us, I made the expedition rad so sharing it will just make you look cooler than you already do. You’re welcome. ;)

You’ll be hearing more about it, but at the moment, I’m on the verge of sleep-deprivation-induced mania.

I’ve been working on getting this project launched for months. I’ve had a lot of help, but the work is not quite done. This project is seriously important to me, and your contributions are more important than you know — even if that contribution isn’t cold-hard cash.

Oh, and… the rewards hint at another mind melting project I’ve been hard at work on.

Evolvify is all about theory and testing ideas, but adventure and the more visceral connections of our evolved selves to the environment we’re adapted to inspires me infinitely more. The taste of wildness in a padded world with rounded corners and warning labels and anesthetized everything is worth all efforts. The casting off of the moribund roles of indoctrinated industrialized agrarians is a necessary step, but only the first step. Are humans the only animal evolved to remain in the zoo after the gates have been flung open? Certainly not. The only flaw is that we’re evolved to imagine things that do not exist. There are no gates on this zoo.

Go outside and play.