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brizendine-male →  May 4, 2010

Dr. Louann Brizendine discusses her latest book, The Male Brain: A Breakthrough Understanding of How Men and Boys Think. An article about Dr. Brizendine and her research in her first book The Female Brain in a July 2006 issue of Newsweek started a media frenzy that led to appearances on GMA’s “20/20″ and “Good Morning […]

brizendine-female →  May 4, 2010

This comprehensive new look at the hormonal roller coaster that rules women’s lives down to the cellular level, “a user’s guide to new research about the female brain and the neurobehavioral systems that make us women,” offers a trove of information, as well as some stunning insights. Though referenced like a work of research, Brizedine’s […]

richard-dawkins-fora-09 →  May 1, 2010

Richard Dawkins discusses his bestseller, The God Delusion, in which he argues that there is no rational or moral reason to believe in God or any other supernatural higher power. He contends that atheists tend not to be vocal about their views because they are discriminated against in the United States, even though collectively they […]

hitchensalt →  April 30, 2010

Christopher Hitchens speaks about his new book God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. Hitchens, an always colorful and sometimes outrageous commentator, now takes aim at God. Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins have tried, but that hard-to-hit Fellow keeps popping back up. Worse still are the violent ways of his flock: waging religious warfare, […]

michael-shermer-ted →  April 29, 2010

TED Talks: Why do people see the Virgin Mary on a cheese sandwich or hear demonic lyrics in “Stairway to Heaven”? Using video and music, skeptic Michael Shermer shows how we convince ourselves to believe — and overlook the facts.

robert-wright-ted →  April 28, 2010

Robert Wright uses evolutionary biology and game theory to explain why we appreciate the Golden Rule (“Do unto others…”), why we sometimes ignore it and why there’s hope that, in the near future, we might all have the compassion to follow it. Robert Wright The best-selling author of “Nonzero,” “The Moral Animal” and “The Evolution […]

sam-harris-aspen →  April 28, 2010

Believing the Unbelievable: The Clash Between Faith and Reason in the Modern World with Sam Harris speaking at the 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival. Some of the most inspired and provocative thinkers, writers, artists, business people, teachers and other leaders drawn from myriad fields and from across the country and around the world all gathered in […]

fora-michael-ruse →  April 28, 2010

Michael Ruse, philosopher of science, recounts the history of Darwinism by explaining the theories of evolution and natural selection. Ruse discusses the validity of those theories today, 200 years after Darwin’s birthday. Embed Code Topics About Charles Darwin Losing Christian Faith Aboard HMS Beagle As a Deist, Studying Finches, Natural Selection Natural Selection, Reading Paley […]