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cracker-paleo →  April 5, 2011

It has been brought to our attention that milk is good for you. Thus, our team would like to introduce an updated version of paleo called The Paleo Diet for Crackers™. We believe the integration of recent evidence that dairy is good for you will lead to marked improvements in health for all adherents. More […]

neanderthal-fam →  December 27, 2010

A new study, ‘Microfossils in calculus demonstrate consumption of plants and cooked foods in Neanderthal diets‘, got a brief writeup in Scientific American today under the title, ‘Fossilized food stuck in Neandertal teeth indicates plant-rich diet‘. I haven’t seen the inevitable spin-off articles proclaiming the death of the paleo diet, but I can hear the […]

paleo-skulls →  December 21, 2010

Since this talk is conducted by paleoanthropologists, it should be worthwhile for those interested in both evolutionary psychology and diets related to evolution. The topics are listed below. The talk progresses from an introduction of evolution within the context of the paleolithic, then introduces EvPsych from the perspective of language and culture. The discussion of […]