Social Scientists Talk Evolutionary Psychology [Infografic]




Okay, not all social scientists are dunces. However, an unfortunately large proportion of social scientists are fond of launching attacks on evolutionary psychology based on a misguided and misunderstood straw-man monolith.

“But I’m not a social scientist!” Okay, fine. Unfortunately, the dominant paradigm in the 20th century was social science and postmodernism. Even if you’re not a strict adherent (or if you just don’t understand the difference), there’s a good chance your socialization included a large helping of indoctrination in its basic tenets. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I once worshipped at the altar of Derrida and Baudrillard. In the words of the Monty Python boys, “I got bett’ah.” As a good example of the pap floating around, I ran across this image: Evolutionary Psychology Bingo

Apart from being approximately 100% bullshit, and a fine demonstration of blatant lack of understanding and/or overt misrepresentation, it was sorta funny.

It’s my pleasure to present you with a little infographic of my own… (click image to enlarge)

I realize that anti-evolutionary psychology folks are immune to evidence contrary to their ideology, but for anyone sincerely interested in understanding, the articles below can help to clarify some of the ideas bastardized by the creators of Evolutionary Psychology Bingo. I can’t find a link to the free full-text of the second one, but the title is an indication of its beauty. If you have any specific comments or questions, leave them below or on my Evolutionary Psychology FAQ (currently in rough-draft form).

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