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fatbikerafting_arctic →  January 25, 2012

Announcing my next expedition, "Fatbikerafting the Arctic". It's been called epic, but there's a chance I might live.

sled-dogs →  October 28, 2010

I may be defective. Not in the woe is me kind of way… more like “The Land of Misfit Toys”. When I was a kid and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I didn’t understand the question. If the cultural milieu was conspiring to mold me into some automaton who would […]

diver →  October 6, 2010

A superpower we all have! Some of the quirks of evolution shine through in weird ways. The examples you hear about all the time are enough to make evolution denying believers in an “intelligent” design cringe, but they’re typically along the lines of nipples on men, the appendix, and vestigial tail(bone). Having experienced many a […]

inuit-odyssey →  October 2, 2010

“Inuit Odyssey follows Canadian Arctic anthropologist Niobe Thompson as he takes us on a visually stunning journey across the North, tracing the origins of the modern Inuit. In a circumpolar expedition stretching from the ancient hearth of Thule culture in Siberia to the final battleground of the Thule and the Norse in Greenland, Inuit Odyssey explores the […]