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Why Your Girlfriend Wants to Cheat On You

→  November 25, 2010 130

(and Why She’ll Never Admit It) *Note: This post is a carryover from an old blog. It’s the post that played a large part in the impetus for this site, but looking back now, parts of the theory and explanation kinda make me cringe. I’ve included it in its unedited original version because it still […]


The Case Against Gluten: For Everyone

→  November 11, 2010 47

In the U.S., public awareness of gluten free diets has reached widespread recognition, but largely in name only. For those suffering with celiac disease or acute wheat allergies, it’s critical. For those with known reactions to gluten, it’s of serious importance. For those who don’t really know what it’s about, but see it on packaging, […]


The Adventure Gene

→  October 28, 2010 46

I may be defective. Not in the woe is me kind of way… more like “The Land of Misfit Toys”. When I was a kid and people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I didn’t understand the question. If the cultural milieu was conspiring to mold me into some automaton who would […]


Hunter-Gatherer Documentary: Inuit Odyssey

→  October 2, 2010 3

“Inuit Odyssey follows Canadian Arctic anthropologist Niobe Thompson as he takes us on a visually stunning journey across the North, tracing the origins of the modern Inuit. In a circumpolar expedition stretching from the ancient hearth of Thule culture in Siberia to the final battleground of the Thule and the Norse in Greenland, Inuit Odyssey explores the […]


The Psychology of Charging Clients by the Hour

→  September 30, 2010 20

*This post has been resurrected from my orphaned blog rulesoptional.com. It was written for entrepreneurs, but there are some important insights in here for business in general. If your workspace is rectangular in any way, you are a failure. We’re all friends here so let’s just be brutally honest. Ninety degree angles are feng shui […]


Hunter-Gatherer: Mussels

→  September 23, 2010 5

Much of my training life consists of hikes and trail runs along the Southern Oregon Coast. I sometimes question why I always wear a backpack. My Scottish skin has never experienced a perfect bronze tan… and it never will. Even if I started with 3 minutes of sun per day in the spring and gradually […]

Wheat Blight

Will Gluten also Kill Your Portfolio?

→  September 22, 2010 3

What would happen if the world-at-large turned on wheat? What if the small, but growing movement to expunge wheat from our diets was adopted by the mainstream? The trend is recognized in the zeitgeist, but aside from those suffering from celiac disease, it’s passed off as a fad. Still, mountains of anecdotal testimony and scientific literature […]


Paleo Diet Timeline and Book List

→  September 21, 2010 16

It’s easy to just talk about diet and the paleolithic era by saying “human evolution in the paleolithic”. That’s also easy to get jumbled up. Here’s a list of not only Homo sapiens, but the dates and diets of older fossils within the Homo genus. These species may not all be our direct ancestors, but […]


Does Darwin Illuminate Emotion & Spirituality?

→  May 4, 2010 0

Featured speakers Paul Ekman, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, UC San Francisco and Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley discuss the connections between emotion and spirituality Paul Ekman Aside from being the scientific force underlying hit TV series “Lie to me”, Dr. Paul Ekman was a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at […]