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ahsimage_wide →  August 30, 2011

The list is my subjective (yet absolutely definitive and authoritative) list of areas of inquiry in the evolutionary health and fitness realm that I feel have the most room for exploration and application.

foot-chop →  January 13, 2011

Ostensibly, conversations about “health care” in the United States of America are conducted within the prevailing framework of market capitalism. Distilling the debates to their essence typically reveals a legitimate disagreement between the concern for moral hazard (e.g.: those with fire insurance tend to have more fires, or those with unemployment insurance are less motivated […]

Wheat Blight →  September 22, 2010

What would happen if the world-at-large turned on wheat? What if the small, but growing movement to expunge wheat from our diets was adopted by the mainstream? The trend is recognized in the zeitgeist, but aside from those suffering from celiac disease, it’s passed off as a fad. Still, mountains of anecdotal testimony and scientific literature […]