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Evolvify is the theoretical, experimental crucible for my ideas. Some of those get applied to my personal life, some to my business life… and some to yours. The common thread of evolutionary theory stitches it all together with deeper insight into the fascinating quirks of evolved brains.

I sometimes make myself available to businesses that are tired of being boring or being seen as boring. Seriously, I don’t tolerate clients who plan on hiring me to help make them more boring than they already are, and I don’t say yes to everyone. How could I? My company’s tagline is The Competition Is Boring™. If my clients were boring, then people would just get confused.

I (I say I, but can put a team together if needed) typically work in the following capacities:

  • Offsite Marketing Director: I work out of my office, save you all the overhead, and your cost comes in way lower than a full-time staffer. This is perfect for companies in the gray area between needing more help (and less headache) than a stream of freelancers, and wanting to drop six figures on another salary. This role may sound unconventional, but only because it is. I constantly see SMBs in this precarious position and I’m happy to save you from an employee search and a long-term personnel liability.
  • Agile Agency of Record: I work with your company on building and delivering {insert staid marketing cliches and superlatives here} ad campaigns. Bonus: You get to offload the mess of dealing with the monotonous stream of media sellers. Did I mention that this option may be FREE (to you).
  • Consulting: Project-basis or retainer only. 1-Year minimum preferred, but if I love your project, I’ll consider short-duration interventions or metaphorical adrenaline injections. Consulting can be arranged between B2C/B2B companies or other agencies, design firms, crack web teams, et cetera. Please don’t ask for my hourly rate… I don’t play that game.

All of the above applies to online, print, and broadcast.

You may contact me through this site, or the business arm of all this… Jet Atomic. If you contact me through Jet Atomic, please let me know that you’re coming from Evolvify. I prefer clients from this pipeline because I can assume a higher (than zero) level of savviness regarding the evolutionary theory that underlies my approach.

Is this the part where we grab a martini?

Love and Coffee,

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