1. Feed the massive egos of the author(s) by saying how awesome their prose and ideas are.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Interact with other commenters, not just the article’s author(s).
  4. Agree, and say why.
  5. Disagree, and say why.
  6. Mention books, articles, videos, et cetera that you think are related in an interesting way. Links are fine.
  7. Link to your own works that are related in an interesting way.


  1. Name-call or otherwise attack other people.
  2. Get offended when someone attacks your ideas.
  3. Expect to be taken seriously if you use the Bible as anything but an interesting piece of literary history.
  4. Make grandiose doomsday proclamations that others will “find out on Judgement Day” or make other pleas to special knowledge.


  1. Use salty language.
  2. Edit your comments up to 15 minutes after posting.

In theory, the comments can be thought of as a totalitarian regime and the editor(s) reserve the right to edit or reject them with nothing more than a whim. In practice, just about everything but spam is approved.

The editor(s) reserve the right to make editorial changes to comments to correct spelling and/or grammar. Usually, we’re too lazy to do this, but sometimes we go out of our way to prevent you from looking dumb. Besides, we’d rather give you the benefit of the doubt and assume it was just a typo. Links may be edited and/or links may be added to your text.

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