The Federal Trade Commission of the United States of America™ requires that all websites disclose conflicts of interest. Thus, for legal purposes, please assume that everything I say is financially motivated on some level. I prefer to think about it on more of a Thorstein Veblen level than a Freudian level, but let’s not go too far into that now. And if you think I’m joking and that I’m really not in it for the money, here’s a report of the piles of cash I raked in during the month of October, 2010:

Ignoring the fact that hosting for the period in question was $12.95, resulting in a net loss of $4.33, is it possible that the Amazon links I provided are simply references to books that the posts are directly based on and failing to mention so would be plagiarism? Or maybe that I read and discovered ideas that were interesting enough to share with others? Legally, I don’t feel comfortable pontificating on such matters. Therefore, you may assume that I am a shill for every product mentioned, pictured, implied, or imagined.

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