The Missing Link (In My Theory of Marketing & Branding): How Pleasure Works by Paul Bloom




Evolvify was started in part as an extension of a book I was working on synthesizing and applying evolutionary psychology to branding. For whatever reason, when I started shopping that idea around to agents and publishers, I was nudged more in the direction of “paleo applied to lifestyle” in a wider sense. Even though I hadn’t begun writing such a book, I was somewhat relieved to contemplate a new focus because there was a missing component in my overall theory of EP applied to branding. Unfortunately for the book pitch I’m a few months behind on (which means it ain’t sold), my brain didn’t totally drop the original idea.

I first stumbled on Paul Bloom through his excellent “Introduction to Psychology course at Yale. I originally found it through iTunes U, but it’s also available on YouTube. It’s an excellent intro psych course, and touches on evolutionary psychology in at least four lectures. However, it’s his recent work that I find particularly interesting. I haven’t even read his new book, How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like, but I’m confident that it resolves the final component in my theory of evolutionary psychology applied to branding.

Who knows when I’ll be motivated to write the book, so here’s a hint by way of the missing component…


And hey… lookee what I found while looking up the above link. I’ll be watching this immediately after I hit the “Publish” button…

Have you seen this or read his book? Did you discover any interesting insights?


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