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miRNA-serum-comparison →  October 18, 2011

Context of questionable relevance It was exactly one year ago today that I first uttered the phrase, “paleo is a logical framework applied to modern humans, not a historical reenactment.” That idea seemed pretty straightforward to me, and it was well-received to the point of being quoted in a real life book (you should buy […]

libertarian-question →  September 22, 2011

I’m just going to go way out on a limb here and assert that individual liberty is a good thing. I mean, it’s not good if you long to be a dictator, but Noriega doesn’t read this site. Now that we have the obvious disclaimer out of the way, I’ll make a few more claims […]

→  August 16, 2011

My attendance at the Ancestral Health Symposium was positive in a zillion ways. I spent most of the two days soaking up as much information as possible and agree with most of the sunny commentary that’s been coming out of the other attendees. I’ll probably write more about my experience (let me know if you […]

skin-damage →  May 26, 2011

With summer arriving in the northern hemisphere, the eternal questions of “how much sun” and “to suncreen or not to suncreen” are back in season. Through recent population studies, the pendulum seems to be swinging back in the direction of more sun is better. We know that vitamin D is important, and that the best […]

spoiled-brat →  April 5, 2011

Some months ago I started pondering the paleo diet, or some of its purveyors and adherents, as possibly embodying a concept akin to The Self-Justification Diet™. Understanding that this tendency springs from the confirmation bias we all share, I first broached the subject by pointing a satirical finger at myelf. The cognitive bias is bad enough in individuals, […]

happy-meat →  February 20, 2011

A common veg*n argument is that we’ve all just been tricked into eating meat by our cultural programming. However, that notion is exactly contrary to my experience. Granted, this sort of self-analysis is fraught with potential errors, but I don’t think the argument I’m about to make is easy to dispute. To my mind “meat”, […]

blueprint-02bw →  February 7, 2011

Note: this contains a review, click here if you’re looking for the official site of The Hollywood Physique. Applied Evolutionary Psychology: Male Attractiveness Over the course of running a few blogs, I’ve met some of the most interesting and fun people I know. When I started evolvify, I reached out to them for ideas for […]

biker-gaing →  December 30, 2010

Ironically, annual celebrations are somewhat more agrarian than paleo. It became more important to mark off calendar dates in relation to the earth’s orbit in order to grow crops more effectively. Of course, that isn’t to say that seasons weren’t important in the paleolithic, just that keeping track of them was a matter of a […]

neanderthal-fam →  December 27, 2010

A new study, ‘Microfossils in calculus demonstrate consumption of plants and cooked foods in Neanderthal diets‘, got a brief writeup in Scientific American today under the title, ‘Fossilized food stuck in Neandertal teeth indicates plant-rich diet‘. I haven’t seen the inevitable spin-off articles proclaiming the death of the paleo diet, but I can hear the […]

paleo-skulls →  December 21, 2010

Since this talk is conducted by paleoanthropologists, it should be worthwhile for those interested in both evolutionary psychology and diets related to evolution. The topics are listed below. The talk progresses from an introduction of evolution within the context of the paleolithic, then introduces EvPsych from the perspective of language and culture. The discussion of […]

lion-meat →  December 19, 2010

Obligatory disclaimers: Any implied hypothesis in this post is more speculative pondering than a scientific claim. That feels like a major cop-out, but there just isn’t enough non-anecdotal, non-folk knowledge for me to take a confident position on this. Further, keep in mind that we’re talking about groups, not individuals; it’s easy to find individuals […]

evolution-diet-steele →  December 15, 2010

The California Academy of Sciences presents a talk by Teresa Steele, assistant professor in the Department of Anthropoplogy at the University of California, Davis. Steele’s research focuses on the emergence of the earliest people who were behaviorally, culturally, and anatomically modern. I highly recommend investing an hour into watching this video. It’s a great archaeology/anthropology introduction for […]

diver-kiss →  November 28, 2010

(I wanted to title this post: ‘Of Wheat and Women: Toward a Darwinian Feminism’. Alas, I couldn’t shake the gasping desperation of being mired in a spectacular patriarchal construct in which my sincere effort at departing from its all-encompassing grasp has been detourned and regurgitated as a gelatinous pile of simulacrum.) I hate postmodern feminism. […]

td-dstll →  November 13, 2010

[Rated 4.95/5 by 6,000+ viewers] In his talk, “A New Tale of the Primate Split”, Dr. Todd Disotell delivers an interesting, if heady at times, talk about alternative dating of primate species using differential comparisons of mitochondrial DNA. The research discussed uses variable rates of genetic evolution in mitochondria to corroborate and refine human and […]

brain-side →  November 11, 2010

In the U.S., public awareness of gluten free diets has reached widespread recognition, but largely in name only. For those suffering with celiac disease or acute wheat allergies, it’s critical. For those with known reactions to gluten, it’s of serious importance. For those who don’t really know what it’s about, but see it on packaging, […]

stone-tools →  November 9, 2010

Heated debates about what definitively *IS* and what definitively *IS NOT* “paleo” abound. While that’s often an interesting question, it also often misses the point. You see, everything is paleo. From computers to the agricultural revolution to individual cereal grains themselves… everything is paleo. “Well, we know that’s not historically true, so what are you […]

presidential-wheat →  November 4, 2010

What? Am I psychic, or does my attempt to make a logically connected hypothesis just blow my own mind? In yesterday’s post, I linked the politics of veganism to that of agribusiness by way of what I thought was a coincidental connection… An article by President Obama’s Personal Trainer, Cornell McClellan. Shocker! News just floated […]

presidential-seal →  November 3, 2010

I hoped this day would never come. Alas, it was almost inevitable. Of the many #notpaleo concepts we face in the modern world, two of the biggest are politics and religion; the collision of the paleo ideas with 10K years of subsequent dogma has only just begun. State politics and codified law arose directly from […]

inuit-odyssey →  October 2, 2010

“Inuit Odyssey follows Canadian Arctic anthropologist Niobe Thompson as he takes us on a visually stunning journey across the North, tracing the origins of the modern Inuit. In a circumpolar expedition stretching from the ancient hearth of Thule culture in Siberia to the final battleground of the Thule and the Norse in Greenland, Inuit Odyssey explores the […]

mussels →  September 23, 2010

Much of my training life consists of hikes and trail runs along the Southern Oregon Coast. I sometimes question why I always wear a backpack. My Scottish skin has never experienced a perfect bronze tan… and it never will. Even if I started with 3 minutes of sun per day in the spring and gradually […]

Wheat Blight →  September 22, 2010

What would happen if the world-at-large turned on wheat? What if the small, but growing movement to expunge wheat from our diets was adopted by the mainstream? The trend is recognized in the zeitgeist, but aside from those suffering from celiac disease, it’s passed off as a fad. Still, mountains of anecdotal testimony and scientific literature […]

antler-girl →  September 21, 2010

It’s easy to just talk about diet and the paleolithic era by saying “human evolution in the paleolithic”. That’s also easy to get jumbled up. Here’s a list of not only Homo sapiens, but the dates and diets of older fossils within the Homo genus. These species may not all be our direct ancestors, but […]